BumbleBees Can't Fly

A  report from a well respected study group of German Aerodynamics Scientists  concluded that "BumbleBees Can't Fly"! ........that was in 1933 at the University in Gottinsgen. Wow!....Today...... "Colony Collapse Syndrome" pretty much supports their theory.......which is why we created "Sav'n Bees". "Sav'n Bees"  is our program for inspiring and enabling "Hands On Volunteers"  to  "Join the Fight"  to combat "Colony Collapse"....Because Bees are dying in Droves!.... We have made a commitment to organize, provide informational material and seeds and an intensive social media driven promotional program to make both public and corporate entities aware of the dire need to save these irreplaceable pollinators. We have also launched an on line store, where you will find a number of unique pollinator related products, that will generate profit sharing revenues that support the "Sav'n Bees" program.  Why not click this link to check out some of the wonderful gift selections that are available to help support this program.  https://savn-bees.myshopify.com