Blogs We're Sav'n Bees against Colony Collapse

Nov 5, 2018 

"Now You See 'em...Now You Don't"...The Tragedy of "Colony Collapse"!

Bees are extremely important to Farms and therefore people, as they pollinate many of the food crops that we eat every day. 

Colony Collapse is a syndrome which has been decimating Bee and Pollinator populations throughout the country.

"Sav'n Bees" is an organization dedicated to addressing Colony Collapse by supporting "Hands On" Floral Seed Planting programs by Volunteer groups across the country. "Sav'n Bees" recruits volunteers to organize efforts in their local areas and supports them with instructions, sponsors, seeds and Social Media promotions.

Those Volunteer groups may include organizations such as   4-H, P.T.A., Garden Clubs, Forest Service and Environmental groups etc. They will be supported by "Sav'n Bees" in their local floral seed planting events.                                                     

  Nov. 7 2018          Is it possible to save Bees from Colony Collapse?   

Absolutely ... Good clean Non-treated, Non GMO floral seeds planted by "Down in the Dirt ...Hands On" volunteer groups will definitely help. Bees win...Pollinators win...People Win....We all win!   


Nov. 9 2018            Good Food is the backbone to Good Health!

This past Spring the E.U. announced an Agricultural Ban on neonicotinoids for agricultural crops that are grown (wholly or partly) in fields. They may only be used in permanent Greenhouses (and only where all plants grown are never transplanted outside of those Greenhouses).  

 Neonicotinoids (primarily made by Bayer of Germany and Dow Chemical) are a specific group of insecticides that are used to ward off insects and microorganisms that are harmful to plants. They in a combination with growth fertilizers are absorbed by the seeds and root and plants systems and flow through the whole plant including the blossoms and fruit. Bees and other pollinators ingest the nectar and are poisoned and their health is compromised. . Their nervous systems are impaired and their ability to navigate and find their way "home" is affected and their lifespan is shortened considerably. This becomes one of several major factors in producing the Symptom known as "Colony Collapse". The neonicotinoids are long lived having lasting impact in the earth .

As we mentioned in an earlier Blog,"Sav'n Bees" plans provide for planting (clean) floral seeds in non-sprayed or fertilized areas, giving Bees access to a diversity of healthy foods. These floral's are intended to help build and repair and normalize their immune systems to better be able to fight off the effects of neonicotinoids and other toxic (--cides) used in agriculture and domestic applications. We have additional strategies to combat other causes of ”Colony Collapse" and we will present them in later Blogs.