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Sav’n Bees Volunteers Descriptions

Bees are dying in droves!

There are all kinds of organizations involved in the research, analysis, legal consideration and study of the circumstances related to Colony Collapse!

 Millions and millions and millions of dollars are being spent to understand the causes and possible remedies for the widespread premature deaths of our Pollinators. You might say that “Pollinators are being studied to death”!

Experts agree that while Colony Collapse is so devestating and such a complex subject, it's not very likly that reseach will produce a "Silver Bullet" cure. 

At Sav'nBees we see the immediate need and the possibility to do something about it.To us, that means helping Bees to build better Health and Immune Systems. Improvements that will help Bees and other Pollinators fend off the ravages of the attacks that they face every day while they tend to their work.

Our approach is to recruit volunteer, "local", clubs and groups, to hold  "Planting Parties" in their local area.  

 A Planting Party is a planned local event where local people respond to a coordinated call to action to help plant " Clean" non-toxic floral seeds, that will provide Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, Butterflys and other Pollinators, with  healthy food sources to feed on. 

We at Sav'n  Bees will provide those local organizing "Clubs" etc. with support in advertising, planting information, public permissions and  " Clean" non-toxic floral seeds.

Our goal is for our Volunteers to put 15,000,000 "Clean" seeds into the ground in 2019. 

We will start calling for Volunteer Clubs and Organizations in Early January 2019.

We need 2 types of Volunteers.

  Clean seed planting,  “Dirty Hands Volunteer groups” … (“Buzz’n Cousins”) .


   Volunteer Organizers  to help manage and support the  “Dirty Hands….Buzz’n       Cousins”.


Volunteer  job efforts are as follows:

“Dirty Hands Buzz’n Cousins”…………..All efforts are “local”. Local means an area such as a Village, Town, City or County  where an organized  local group has Volunteered to hold a “Clean Seeds, Dirty Hands” Planting Party.  That Organization will be designated as the Lead Volunteer Group for a given local area. In the cases of Cities and Counties, more than one such group may be possible.

Volunteer "in house" Organizers…….Each "Dirty Hands Buzz’n Cousin" group will be assigned to a coordinating, in house, Volunteer Organizer. That Organizer will provide them with information and instructions about Planning, Planting…Promotions and Permissions. In addition, if prefered by the local Buzz'n Cousin group, our Volunteers Organizers will coordinate efforts with local media to promote the planting party event, help obtain planting locations and provide the Lead Volunteer Organization with Seeds for the event.

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